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"My Biggest Problem"

Now that I'm a travel agent and getting exposed to so many different resorts, cruise lines (ocean and river) and events/conferences/training by my suppliers, teammates and clients, my problem NOW is "where do I go next"?

The best FIRST step would be to break it down to a smaller "classification" and ask myself, "Is this a vacation or is it a work-related trip?" Yes, sometimes they are one-in-the-same, but it does give you a better idea of where to start looking.

Decisions! Decisions!

If it's work-related, then look at Familiarization Trips (aka FAM Trips), Conferences/Training (either by PlanNet Marketing, Inteletravel or Organization- e.g. CLIA). Find a trip that will expose you to a new resort or company. Attend training that will help you book a trip, improve your speaking, help with prospecting new recruits, etc - the list goes on and on.

  • Occassionally, FAM trips are restricted to JUST the travel agent.

  • When taking a FAM trip, you will have a few MANDATORY meetings, tours, "tastings", etc. to attend, while your travel partner lounges by the pool/naps, etc - though you should have SOME time together throughout the trip. Making these mandatory and having you actively learn about the supplier is how they justify the lower price for you to attend and stay there. They want you to learn it and love it, so, as a travel agent, you will send your clients there.

Now, if this is a vacation, definitely talk to the people you are traveling with (husband/wife, bf/gf, friends) - let them help you narrow down the choices. Once you get a general game plan, you can look at HOW you want to book the trip.

  • Do you want to pay regular consumer prices and receive the commission?

  • If it's just you and one other person traveling:

  • Do you want to look into agent rates?

Which will benefit you more? Save money? Expose you to a supplier or type of trip a lot of people have already been asking you about and now you can answer their questions confidently.

If this is the type of "problem" you want to have - let me know. I'll tell you more about it.

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