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Breaking Down The Travel-Side of Things

In this day and age, most people are too busy to plan their own trips – they NEED a travel agent. They realize the “gem” that travel is. The need for memories and experiences, not material items. More importantly, the suppliers pay the commission to the agents – the client does not!

Needless to say, being a travel agent, has kept me very busy with training, booking trips and the actual traveling. You can also work with event tickets – you know, sporting events, concerts, shows, etc. A guys trip to another city for a sporting event? Done. Bachelorette Party at a Resort/Spa? No Problem. I got this covered. I never knew all the options that were available. River Cruises (even nicer than I imagined), Disney touring in other Countries, it literally goes on and on…..and on.

The support team of the Network Marketing Company and the Travel Agency are top notch and always willing to help. Most people assume you need to

be trained or certified before you start. The fact of the matter is, you train as you go – there is NO WAY to know everything at first. Someone wants to book a trip to Disney – you do the training for Disney. On the plus side, usually when you finish the agent training – you are rewarded with discounts or free trips (not guaranteed, but most suppliers have something to offer). They WANT you, the agent, to come visit and have access to all their materials. They want you to love their ship, resort, hotel, etc and refer/send people. It’s as easy as that.

It amazes me (but does not surprise me), that since the inception of the Network Marketing-side of my travel business approximately 2 years ago, we are currently at 19,000 agents, over $120M in travel sales and have expanded to several other countries all over the world.

There truly are no limits and I’m still work for myself!

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