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Multiple Streams of Income (aka How It All Started)

So after almost 24 years - my career at a very big telecommunications company came to an end due to huge layoffs. I never thought I would last THIS long. Honestly, it was a one-day temp job. I always jokingly said, "Well if I ever get "let go" - it was a good ride." Well, it was.

Luckily, a couple years before my sister introduced me to Living Fresh Collection and I had signed up as a Consultant to sell these linens that I (and everyone else) absolutely loves!

To be honest, I never saw myself in Sales. But here I am, outside of my comfort zone talking to people about these luxurious amazing sheets made with Eucalyptus fibers. Because the bottom line is I just want everyone to be happy. So my first endeavor in Sales is a product that helps people sleep healthier. Sleep brings happiness. For those people that love to be "Green" and love sustainable products - these bed linens will make them happy. They do not "pill", they are dust mite resistant, anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and they WILL regulate your body temperature (keeping you cool) - chances are at least one of those benefits will make SOMEONE happy. Sleep like you are on vacation - every damn night.

I just didn't realize my Plan B (Living Fresh) would become my Plan A (day job) as quickly as it did. Such as life. It is what it is.

With all this “free time”, I jumped feet first - Wedding Expos, Furniture Markets, signing up people for Wine/Sheets Parties (home shows with friends). It went ok - not great. Definitely not enough to live on.

Having said that, I realized at the end of March 2016, while my partner has earned an additional week of vacation at his company (and LOVES to travel!), our household income as decreased quite a bit (and we were missing a family vacation that very same week!). Fortunately, I was having lunch with a friend that day and got to talking about her travel business and due to the nature of the business, residual income, travel agent discounts, familiarization trips - I couldn't pass it up! There you have it - my NEW Plan B. Travel Agent and Social Marketing/Network Marketing.

During all of this, I was still working my Living Fresh business, not as much, but working it nonetheless. I had a HUGE show (Furniture Market) coming up in Las Vegas the very first week of August. As I sat at my display for 4 days with 1-2 visitors stopping by each day. Yes, total about 8-10 visitors for the entire show. I was working on my monthly Shaklee order and realized, that I had been taking Shaklee Vitamins for 30+ years. My Grandmother, on my Mom's side, was a Shaklee Distributor for as long as I can remember. I know how things change - I now needed a Plan C (Shaklee). So I signed up as a distributor and started talking about Shaklee more to my friends. Especially as my friends and family get older, the need for vitamins increases - so why not start introducing my friends to Shaklee NOW and let them get ahead of the aging process a bit.

Ironically, 2 weeks after the Furniture Market in Las Vegas, yes, just 2 WEEKS after, I got a call from the Living Fresh home office that they were changing their business model from direct sales to an affiliate program. No more home shows, no more hostess rewards, etc. I had to reevaluate my business priorities. My Living Fresh business was taking a hit on the chin. It was still around, of course, but not going to be as promising, as it was previously.

My New Normal:

  • Plan A: Travel and Marketing

  • Plan B: Shaklee

  • Plan C: Living Fresh

And there you have it. You need to plan ahead and have multiple streams of income. Different plans in motion - usually at the same time. I learned my lesson. In this life, all you can do is try to minimalize the "inconveniences", the downfalls and maintain a positive attitude. No, it's not always easy, but if you keep working towards something and always have something to work towards, it's not a life-altering upheaval. Getting laid off at my telecommunications job, THAT was an upheaval - it took it's toll.

With MY businesses, I am my own boss, working my own hours - working towards MY success - not someone else's.

Honestly, I'm sitting outside right now, listening to Classical music and finishing this blog entry.

Sound peaceful? It is.

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